Yes, even I get marriage proposals…of sorts!

I hope a friend of mine doesn’t mind me pinching a rant of hers, from Facebook earlier today, but it gave me an idea for a blog, and its so true, even for me

I f’ing swear to God, if one more Facebook guy I’ve never laid eyes on asks me to marry him, I’m opening a mail order bride service on here. I don’t know you. I’m not marrying you. And I’m not setting you up with any of my friends. That’s how I manage to keep my friends. By not pimping them out to total strangers!

Yes, it was tongue in cheek, Teri often is, but equally, it does happen.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have numerous Facebook friends that I really dont know. Mostly through cricket, mainly Irish, but what those groups attract for some reason, are followers from the sub continent. Hey, I dont mind, if they follow us, and associate cricket, then why not? Mind, I’ve seen more than a few banned for getting over enthusiastic about Indian cricket, and rapidly thrown out. They are fine, to be honest, and not the cause of this post.

But, on several occasions, I’ve had ‘friend’ requests from people in that area, and because I’ve assumed its cricket related, I tend to accept. However…on more occasions than I would like to imagine, they show no interest in the cricket boards, but show interest in me. You know the stuff, it starts off with a ‘hi’ message, and then goes from there. Me, being the cynical bitch that I am, quickly spot them, weed them out, and lo and behold, friends no longer! Didnt stop at least one of them still sending me messages about how he was looking for a beautiful English lady, and all that. Sure, nothing to do with the fact that he just wanted a free pass to get into England of course! They’re young, I’m in my fifties, so…the perfect match lol!

I know, I run the risk of missing out on a man who genuinely fancies me, but I suspect if that happens, he will be in the UK, probably my region, and not somewhere in India, or Bangladesh and the like! I’m not stopping marriage proposals from the US either, though not seriously expecting any! More on that shortly…

The other area of these that I see plenty of (despite being female), is the Russian bride stuff. Yes, I get emails from Russian ladies, saying what a wonderful partner I would make, and that I should visit whichever website, and look at their profile. Seriously, I doubt they’ve even noticed I’m a woman, or a lot of them are bi! Well, maybe they are, but…I doubt most are, just desperate for a meal ticket to the West!

No, I’m not saying that I’ll never fall in love again, as a few friends have told me, this thing called love has a habit of creeping up on you, and the next thing you know…me, a blushing bride lol! But 15 years of being alone have made me highly independent, and it would be quite a man who took me on, thats for sure!

But taking one of my quotes from that Facebook thread

Who knows, I might get to Hollywood next year, find the ‘William Powell’ of my dreams, and we can live a happy married life, as he, and Jean should have been able to. But the words, pigs fly, do come to mind on that front!

Wouldnt that be sweet, and ironic? Of course, he might be waiting for me in Kansas City, where Jean was born, but again…He doesnt have to actually look like Powell, just be as sweet as he seemingly was, from all I’ve read about him.

The video, well, I’m saying this for now, but how much longer…? Live, orchestra version, slightly different

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