Waiting for my boyfriend!

Ah well, this is what you get for blogging early yesterday, the big news is a day old by now!

To be honest, beyond some shrewd charity shop buying when I got back to St Helier, generally, its been a pretty quiet day. Seriously, 5 tops for £11, 4 of them definitely vintage in style (though not in age) is not a bad way to spend your late ‘lunch hour’ back in town! Covering the rest of the day briefly, I went up to Gorey this morning, though I didnt climb up to the castle. My knees took one look at the steepness of the steps up to it, and said you have to be joking, and that was it! Especially given the cost of entrance when I got up there, assuming I did!

So after a walk around the harbour, and the cheapest coffee I’ve had out in a long while (95 p, for a large mug!) in a cafe, I headed back to town. Its fair to say, with the exception of said charity shops, that most of the clothes shops in St Helier are of the more expensive kind. And being a tight fisted Yorkshire lass (yes, I admit it), the only other thing I bought was an ice cream!

So right, lets drop back one day, to last night, and the far more interesting events! Just a few yards down the road here at Havre De Pas from my guest house, is another guest house, with a restaurant attached. Or I suspect more the case, a restaurant with a few rooms as a side business. But anyway…they had seats outside, they were offering a fish supper at a fair price, so I went in.

Got a nice table outside, though like a total blonde, I sat on the wrong side of the table, and though the view was nice, the one in the other direction was better! Fine, glass of wine arrived, and I sat there sipping it, as a lady should. After a few minutes (it must have been quite a few, as the story will show), a gentleman came across, and asked if he could sit at my table. Me, quite stunned by this sudden male attention, said yes. He started chatting away merrily, for at least 2-3 minutes, and then my food arrived, he excused himself, saying he wouldnt disturb me while eating, and that was it! Why is it that when you wouldnt mind your meal taking a few minutes extra, it never does! He was about my age, but I wasnt exactly making any effort to attract men. No make up (I really cant, with the slight tremor in my hand, it would just be a mess), and to be honest, it was only as I was sitting down that I realised I hadnt tidied up the ‘shadow’ on my top lip before coming out, although there isnt much nowadays, but…I pulled, or was about to!

I dont know, have I brought some aura of Harlow on holiday with me, or something, men seem to be falling over themselves for me! Either way, it was flattering in the extreme, it has to be said, even if I’m not interested lol! Good job I dont wear makeup, if thats the effect the plain me has on men at the moment! Oh alright, it was nice.

No, I wouldnt have sung this to him, might be singing it about him if dinner hadnt arrived when it did. But fine, you dont get the Piranhas every night, do you? 😉

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