Various Transgender matters

I know, its been a while, sorry about that, but work is just an issue that gets in the way when my days off work like they have the last 2 weeks. Monday/Tuesday last week, today and tomorrow this, you get the gist? Which means that there is probably plenty to catch up on with me, but here are 3 interesting issues that have come up since I last posted.

Firstly, care of the RSS feed at work, I discovered that the US armed forces are reconsidering their stance towards transgender people serving with them…for the better! Currently, if you are trans, you’re not serving the country, but maybe soon…Mind, over there, until recently in the forces, gay folk either didnt join, or didnt admit it. Given I’m not American, too old to serve, and everything else, it doesnt actually affect me, but I thought it worth mentioning.

Next, to a subject matter that is rarely seen for me, football, aka soccer, discovered by one of my Facebook friends. Let me take you to one of the weaker (alright, currently the weakest) football nations in the whole world, American Samoa. It seems that in a number of the Pacific Islands, that third gender exists legally. No, I’m not going to tell you what it is, google the story if you must know! But what has happened, one of those ‘ladies’ is now playing for the national men’s football team!

Oh, and lastly, but not least, I take you to another subject matter that I have no interest in, the Eurovision song contest! Now, to be honest, I have no details on whether this guy is actually transgender, or just dresses as a woman to evoke hate in some? It certainly worked with many Russian folk at the weekend, but given the Ukraine situation at present, isnt it good to annoy them? Despite that, he/she ran away with victory at the song contest.

This is the song, if its painful to your ears, dont blame me!

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