Have to say something

Right, before we get to the pertinent part of tonight’s blog, a couple of things

Fine, I now own a ticket for the Postmodern Jukebox concert in Manchester, so feel free to go out and buy your own, I’ll love you for doing so. Though to mention, this concert has proved so popular, that the venue has been moved to somewhere larger! Unfortunately for me, not so central, and standing room only, and I know how my knees complained the last time I went to one of those! Ah well…Walking back to the station could be fun!
So seriously, if you, or anyone you know from the Huddersfield area is going over for this, I would love a lift, and prepared to pay the rail fare amount (about £12?) in petrol money if you do so. I know, I know, but no harm in asking? Could even wear a dress if going by car. Modern cars are fine btw, lol!

Secondly, Keighley didn’t get Bradford in the quarter finals, despite my attempt to fix it. Away to Widnes is our fate, that will probably be it. I’ve heard all 4 matches will be on TV somewhere, so with luck I will see it at least.

OK, nice bit over, lets get to the grim realities of modern life.

Yesterday, at a school in Leeds, a teacher died at a school. Stabbed to death by a pupil, too horrible for words. She had been at that school for about 40 years, was due to retire in September, but now…aargh! No, I didnt go to school in Leeds, I went to school in Kent, of course. Even if I’d stayed in Yorkshire, I would have schooled in Haworth, then Keighley, so…

The thing is, a lot of the people I work with, did go to school in Leeds. Seemingly a good number of them went to, or knew of this school, and this teacher, so yes, it reached out to me. I know, I went to school a long time ago (and I do mean long, I left school 40 years ago!), but back then, we were taught to respect the teachers. Alright, fine, one or two of them werent worthy of the respect we had to pay to them, but anyway…At no point could I ever imagine anyone carrying a knife as destructive as this one must have been to school. From what I remember, the knives we had at school dinner couldnt have damaged a fluffy toy, let alone a flesh and blood person.

But yesterday, in a school, a 15 year old had a knife that could end the life of someone, terrifying stuff. I know, all the gang warfare and things, but seriously? This world is crazy! if you want more details, and dont know them, google it, must be dozens of reports on it by now.

All I will say is, its scary, and depressing for me. And they say life is better nowadays?

The video, yes, its PMJ for short As I said, I had to say something…

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