A third gender?

Yes, you must have noticed it, because its on pretty much every form you have to fill in, the gender question, male, or female. In all my time since transitioning (and indeed before then), I only ever remember once seeing any option other than those two. Ironically it was on an application form for a job at a Job Centre, as in working there, I perhaps should say. I’ll be honest, its the only time since transitioning that I’ve put anything other than female, taking the option of transgendered female instead. For whatever reason, I never heard anything back on the application I made! Now, would it have been different if I’d applied as a female, hmm…? I will never know, of course.

But anyway, all my details now in this country, apart from my Passport, say I’m female. Though convincing some at work of the fact is pretty much akin to hitting your head against a brick wall! Some still use the term him, and yes, its got to the point of annoyance by now. Fine, when I first transitioned, I could understand the odd slip, but after all this time, they should be used to it by now. I’m sure some of it is only accidental, but equally there are a few, with whom I’m pretty sure its deliberate, but anyway…Lets just say, that for their sake, they should be grateful that I’m not as militant as some, though maybe I should be? There are even a few, who pretty much just ignore me, because they dont like what I am, and even if I talk to them, in passing, will just ignore me. And they probably wonder why I’m such a tough bitch at times, I need to be! Thankfully there are a lot who accept what I am, treat me as a woman, and I appreciate it.

But now, in India, comes a change, a third legal gender, that of transgendered. And seemingly, in one way of reading it at least, you dont have to have done the ‘full change’ to declare yourself as such. Though in my eye at least (and many others), once you’ve done the full change, you are (in my case at least) female, not transgendered, but anyway…But seriously, being able to declare as a transgendered female now, in terms of passports, if nothing else, would be wonderful, because nothing annoys me more than that one form that still declares me as male!

But as yet, India is the only country I know doing this. The country that actually concerns me the most, is Canada. Why, because built into their rules for passing out of the country, is a line that states you have to match the gender on your passport. It doesnt say anything about going in though, which confuses me even more. So lets see, next year I go on holiday to Toronto, say, and have a lovely week in the country. But when I want to leave, they wont let me! So does that mean they have to provide me with a home, and a means to live, as I cant leave Canada? Or is the case that they wont even let me in? Granted, apart from an obvious pair of boobs, I guess I could still pass without make up, but those 2 assets do make a pretty obvious statement lol! In a sense, I assume they’d let me out (if I was in) because they would prefer me not in the country, but dont quote me on that. And no, I have no plans to have the boobs removed, just to please them! To be honest, I suspect 99% of the time, they dont even look at the gender, just the name, and the face to check they match, and leave it at that, but…

But yes, UK government, a passport that declared me a transgendered female would solve all arguments, so how about it? I wouldnt expect India to be a country leading on this front, but…fine, this wording I could do without, but…

The court directed the government to treat transgenders as a socially and educationally backward class

Because we arent backward in any way, believe me! But someone says this may be to make discrimination illegal, and nothing more, and if so thats fine, I guess?

The video, well I was never strictly a girl, though I might be a lot saner if I had been. And I’m not quite a woman, need one thing removed to be that lol!

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