The delights of social media

Yes, I’m old enough to remember a sweet time, when Facebook and the like wasnt even dreamt up, and the only friends you had were actually in your social circle in real life. Nowadays I’m sure we all have numerous friends on places like Facebook that we’ve never met, and in all probability, never will. Hey, I know I’ve got my fair share of them, thats for sure.

But anyway, despite eventually succumbing to the charms of Facebook at my previous workplace, I didnt get involved anywhere else. To be honest, the only reason I’ve really stuck with Facebook is for a few groups I’m a member of, mainly relating to Irish cricket. Beyond that, and nowadays, OMD related pages too, I dont post there much, beyond using it to advertise the blogs in a (seemingly vain) attempt to boost visit numbers to here.

Its OK, and I go there far too often than is good, but…its as far as I went…Until now!

To those who have been around a while, you will remember I had a photo shoot session last year, with a lovely group called Cocoture, a few pictures from which have been posted here. So fine, they are now looking for a face of Coco, and I decided to give it a go. No, under the circumstances, I dont expect to be selected, but you never know, stranger things happen! But to enter, you had to post a picture, in a specific way, and when I tried, I kept getting error messages. Now, despite being blonde, I suspected I knew why, there seemed to be a Twitter connection to the place they were holding it, and yes, I wasnt a member. So, I signed up for Twitter, heaven help me, and it worked!

Oh, if you want to vote for me, go to and vote for the blonde doing the Jean Harlow look, I need all the votes I can get!

So far I’m showing moderate enthusiasm for the place, and have posted 4 ‘Tweets’ there since last night, but how long it all lasts, not quite sure? Ironically, at the time I finally succumb to the place, it seems the need for story advertising is dying off, but I might write more in the future, and then…?

Oh, my tag, or whatever they call it? @Harleanlook. I thought I might as well play up the whole Jean Harlow lookalike thing, without taking it too far. Besides which, Stevienicks was gone, I suspect the singer has that one, and Stevie Nicholls was gone too. So, having fun…if you want to follow, feel free to do so, make me feel good about the whole Twitter thing!

Hopefully thats it though, I’m too old for all this young, trendy stuff!

Talking of all that, the video relates to a wonderfully old fashioned method of sending messages, probably used in the good old days of the 20’s and 30’s! I selected this video, rather than the official one, for one good reason, Martin Cooper is in it. For some reason, he wasnt in the original one. I’ve heard it was because he was working on a soundtrack at the time, but dont quote me on that. And yes, Martin is my favourite in the group, so! 😛

4 responses

  1. Rubber Bound Princess | Reply

    We avoid Facebook twitter to be honest, with the husband away so much it just makes for problems in our book x I had a little rant about the need for all things social media today, must be something in the water x


  2. Probably the best way to be, but I got hooked in, and now I’m caught lol!


    1. Rubber Bound Princess | Reply

      As soon as we get a wee chance we will definitely drop you our vote, trust me my phone no matter how smart it claims to be is not very good at negotiating this site, so once I get home tonight I will fire up the laptop, in all its ancient glory and do my duty lol x


  3. Thanks for that, I seemingly need all the help I can get, vote wise!


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