In a different timeline

On one of the writing forums that I’m a member of, the monthly contest is to write a story, based on a historical event, only with a different timeline, and supposing what happens from there. Say, as an example, Buddy Holly hadnt died in that plane crash, back in the late 50’s, and that his career had continued from there. If, as Don McClean put it, ‘the music hadnt died’. He might have became as legendary a figure as Elvis, or his career might have waned within a few years. One thing is for sure, we will never know.

Equally, close to my heart, and especially given that it would have been her 103rd birthday today, suppose Jean Harlow’s kidney failure had been curable in the mid 30’s, and she hadnt died at 26. Would her career have briefly flickered, and died within a short period of then, or would she have become as big a Hollywood legend as she did, had she lived?

The other semi topical one, had the Tsar seen off the potential revolution in 1917, what would Russia be like today? Given the tyrannical rule of some of the Tsar’s in the past, would it be for better, or worse?

Lets face it, in these, and other cases, we will never know.

Of course, for me, the timeline that could have been so different, is if I’d known I was transgendered when I was 20, not when I was into my forties! Of course, in this world, finding out such things back then was far harder, and the surgery not as good as today, but anyway, as we are talking different timelines, lets bring today’s perspective to events that might have happened back then.

In all likelihood, its fair to say I would have gone through all the hassle, and all the surgery back then, because my whole life would have stretched before me. Its also fair to say that with less male hormone having pumped through my body, my look post change, would probably be more feminine too. I know, I know, I pass with many, but all the same, with female hormones pumping through me, and all the right bits physically, life might well have been good.

I might, might have even enjoyed sex, with the right body, or I might have been as asexual as I am now, who knows? Hey, if I’d passed well enough, I might even have found myself a man, got married, and all that. No, using current surgical limitations, I couldnt have had a baby, even though I have an undeveloped womb. Who knows, back then, if I’d started on female hormones…no, I’ll settle for not being a mother lol!

But, and its a big but, if I had gone through the change back then, would my life have been so rich? Yes, I would be a woman, and in that sense, at peace, but…Ironically, there is one precious man in my life, who I would never have met, if I’d been a woman about 15 years ago. Why, because at the time, he wasnt interested in women, only men, and if Stephanie Louise had written to him about matters, she would have been ignored! But because Steve wrote to him…

When I first met him, it was as a friend, it was only after a whole stream of events around 2002/2003, when I needed somewhere as a base, to get my life back together, and things, that he was there for me. And yes, although its now in a different house, in a different part of the country, we are still in the same house, even now, and are still friends. Yes, I’ve mentioned him, its that lovely gentleman I escort on train journeys through the North of England, twice a year, amongst other things.

And yes, he, his friend, and his partner are very special to me, for many reasons. But, if I’d become a woman, in my early twenties, I’d never have known any of them, and thats a hole in my life that I’m glad not to have.

So, this different timeline thing, its not just one thing it alters, its the rest of your life.

Interesting concept though, isnt it?

The video, one of my favourite artists, sadly no longer with us, but thankfully the music lives on.

Maybe, one day, I’ll find the ‘right moment’ to fully change genders, but given I’ll be 56 in less than a fortnight, I suspect not, now.

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