Don’t like Jamaica, oh no, we love it!

Seems to be true for the Irish cricket team at least, again after last night, when they beat the West Indies in a 20 over match, at which they are the current World Cup holders!

The first time an Irish cricket team turned up in Jamaica, was 2007, at the 50 over World Cup, their first major event. For most, expectations weren’t high, and though I watched their first game against Zimbabwe, due to national loyalties. I didnt know an awful lot about them as a group. Lets just say that a few had interesting Irish accents, and leave it at that! Somehow, a tie was conjured up, in a stunning finish, and Ireland had gained a point in their first game.

Next, on St Patricks Day, was that game against Pakistan, that has now gone down in history for so many reasons! An Irish win, and all of a sudden, a bunch of part timers are in the Last 8 of the World Cup, against all expectations. Another win against Bangladesh, and the road to glory was truly being ridden.

Anyway, coming forward to now…As part of the build up to the next 20 over World Cup, Ireland have been in the West Indies getting in some preparation. To say the early results were a bit mixed, would be putting it mildly! But now, at the end of the tour, comes the big 3 matches, against the West Indies. Firstly, two 20 over matches, then a 50 over match on Sunday.

Well, the first of those matches was last night, and Ireland won! I only wish we could bring Sabina Park back to Dublin (or Belfast) and we could be unbeatable! The bowlers were brilliant, restricting the hosts to 116, which didnt look a major target. However, when we were 8-2 in reply, I was beginning to despair, but…Ed Joyce, Gary Wilson and Andrew Poynter turned things around, and led us to victory. Funnily enough, my shift at work ended at 10.00 last night, and the winning runs were scored literally seconds before that, so I knew we’d won before leaving for home, really proud. Hopefully, a repeat tomorrow night.

The video, yes, pretty obvious, isnt it? Live version from 2011, not the original

Oh, and an endpiece. I know its been a while since I really did a transgender issue, which I do like doing, so would love to know what you’d like to hear about. So, either comment here, or send me an email at , and I’ll do my best to answer

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