A professional actress, as well as writer?

Yes, seriously, I’ve been paid for performing, after so many years. I know, not strictly an actress, as I wasnt playing a part per se, I was playing a few parts in fact, under trance, for real! Thats right, I’ve ‘sold’ the link to the film twice over already, and had a couple more showing interest, not bad for a fifty something who thought her best days were behind her!

Yes, fine, as far as I know, both the buyers, and both the other interested parties want it only because they know me, I suspect, either through forums, or as a workmate. If I can get to 6 (hmm?), I will recoup the train fare, one more after that and I clear my coffee expenses for that day too lol! If I dont, I loved the day anyway, and thats the main thing. By the sound of it, ‘Mary Lou’ will be returning as a trigger, and then I’ll have the challenge of keeping her under control too! Not that I mind that in the slightest, you understand? 😉

When I get stopped in the street, and asked for my autograph, then I’ll worry!

Clearly I havent yet got into diva mode though, not yet spent a penny of that money at Amazon, though I’ve been tempted by a few things, little Miss Practical in my head says ‘you really dont need that’ and I dont buy it. Maybe not, but its not costing me anything technically, so…I know, I know, get on with it, girl!

Beyond that, today has been about getting a few things done. A review written for the people who did the photo shoot, a much needed massage, and getting myself booked in at the hairdressers on Friday, for a trim and highlights/ colour. After all, a film star has to look after herself, roflmao!

Oh, and lastly, talking of film stars, and laughs, I got a bit of both when I woke up this morning. One of those group things on Facebook, is something called ‘Colorized Hollywood’ (Yes, an American group, the spelling gives that away!) which is basically shots of the old movie stars, that were therefore in black and white, and someone has added colour (proper spelling) to them. This morning, one of those was Louise Brooks, and a dear friend from work had added my name as a comment to it. I wish! Yes, I really do! But…currently wrong hair colour, no helmet fringe, and I dont think my looks match up either, but besides all that…very flattering. Jen Pawson, thanks for suggesting it was me though. x
I think the person concerned probably needs to go to Specsavers, but when I posted the photo shoot pictures, they said I looked a lot like Jean Harlow. Well yes, very flattered, but seriously. A very glamorous movie model, who died too young, and me, a middle aged transgendered person, look alike, again I wish! If anyone wants to say I do though, I dont mind the flattery, really I dont.

Given all I’ve talked about is women, could there be a more apt video than this?


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