Its a shame, does it always have to be the way?

Yes, if you use a few cryptic clues there, you can work out the video, if not, just read on.

Yesterday, I finished work at 6.00, the last shift before the holiday, which actually started today, but more on that during the week. So therefore I was lined up to get the 6.40 train back to Huddersfield, on a train starting from Newcastle, and heading to Manchester.

Now, the football fans, or indeed, people like me who have to know about football will know that there was a match yesterday afternoon, between Newcastle, and Manchester City. if you dont know, and care about the result, look it up, I know Man City won, but beyond that…That isnt what this blog is about, unsurprisingly.

Yes, when the train rolled up, more or less on time, which is something for Trans Pennine Express, it was pretty full, and yes, full of football fans at that. No, I had no problems with anyone on board, but…we were also greeted by 6 Transport Police on board, and not hard to work out why, lets face it. Now, dont get me wrong, things have improved dramatically from how they were with football hooligans 30-40 years ago, but even so…

I didnt see any actual problems in my carriage, though the underlying atmosphere amongst the football crowd wasnt pleasant. My main amusement was 1 guy, with one of those e-cigarette things, who clearly wasnt certain whether he could ‘smoke’ it on the train or not (I neither know, nor care), and trying to do so surreptitiously. Judging by the police reaction, he was either fine, or they were more concerned with other issues!

Sad to say, their radios crackled into life, just before we pulled into Huddersfield, and when the doors opened, all moved forward to the front carriage, I heard someone saying that there were threats of trouble in the tunnel, so they were taking no chances, clearly. To me, its just a shame that grown men still have to act like animals on board a train, just because they like football, and seemingly like alcohol too!

No, I’m not suggesting that away fans shouldnt travel, though in these days of blanket TV coverage (Yes, it was on Sky), do they really need to? What might be more practical though, is a total ban on alcohol on such trains, and not just in terms of actual drink. In other words, if someone is showing signs of being drunk, and aggressive, stop them travelling! They wouldnt do it again, thats for sure! But no, in the real world, in a land when football is seemingly king, its not going to happen, is it?

The video, as I say, there’s been a few clues

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