Well, that was a new one on me

Well yes, I was doing a bit of form filling earlier today, and came to that perennial question on every form, that of your gender. Normally, you get two choices, dont you, male or female? Some places will add a prefer not to say nowadays, presumably a sign of PC-ness? I must admit, even when I get that option, nowadays, I always click female anyway.

Beyond the passport office (definite, until I get ‘something’ removed), and the tax office (who I thought still had me as male, but my last piece of correspondence suggested otherwise), I’m officially designated as female everywhere nowadays, so no problem on that front. Maybe, given what I mention next, I might have the answer to why?

But this form had 2 additional options, for which I’m not sure if its a good, or a bad thing. Yes, some might have guessed this, as its me mentioning it, they were transgendered male, and transgendered female. So fine, I clicked on the latter, at least its strictly correct, if push ever comes to shove. But what I’m wondering, is why? I mean, lets be fair, if you’ve had all the ops, done all the hormones etc, all records mark you the same as a natural born of your gender. If you haven’t, like me, then maybe its fair, but…

If this was a job application, is this an instant thing that counts against you? Because if it is, then strictly its an item of discrimination under current rules, against trans people surely? And why, in other matters, should it concern anyone if you are a trans female, or a natural one? Of course, as with all things, proving that any refusal is because you are trans, is like looking for a needle in a very giant haystack.

No, this wasnt a tax form, or even a government one, but does it mean that transgendered female (presumably for us pre-op folk) is now regarded as an official gender? It would explain the last tax office missive (details of date changes for women to claim pensions, if you must know), I guess, if they are using it for me? Or maybe they’ve just decided I’m officially female, and forgot to tell me! Now all I need is the Passport office to back down, and if anyone from there is reading, transgendered FEMALE would get my approval as my gender, and I’ve cracked it lol.

If I get any feedback on this, from the forms source, I’ll let you know. If I do, it will show that Transgendered Female is at least seen as a positive status, I guess. But if I don’t…hmm?

The video, it bears absolutely no relevance to the blog, just a brilliant Christmas song, nothing more

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