Its Christmas!!!!!! (well, the season starts here at least)

Yes, firstly, you aren’t seeing things, I have finally taken down the Boston Red Sox style page, and replaced it with something else, for a while at least. Its called retro, it looks retro too, so pretty near perfect for me, I guess?

I know, I know, strictly Christmas is still just over 3 weeks away, but the first (of not very many) social events for me, at Christmas is just 2 days away. Yes, the works Christmas Dinner on Thursday evening, in Leeds. Oh, and if anyone is prepared to do a mini makeover on me, on Thursday evening, so that I’m ready to leave the hotel somewhere just after 7, feel free to shout. No, alright, dont worry, lol.

So yes, guess what, have you seen the weather forecast for Thursday, especially around here? Ah well, at least I’ve got a good reason to wear leggings under the short dress, I have circulation issues, and its going to be cold. Oh, alright, I was going to wear them anyway, given all the surgical repairs my knees have had, but thats beside the point! 😛

Yes, hopefully I’ve got the look this year, that might have some wondering which decade they’re in, hopefully 1920’s. I thought I had last year, but some thought 70’s, or 80’s but less doubt this year, I trust? Yes, assuming I get some in time, I will post a picture of the look, so that you can get to see it for yourselves. No, I did resist the cigarette holder that so many flappers loved to carry, no point for a non smoker, plus you couldnt use it indoors nowadays anyway! My, have things changed in that sense! Then it was trendy to smoke, but now…

The wig will be fun, see how many do, or don’t recognise me with dark hair now, especially with a whole lot more fringe than they are used to. Flapper headband as well, should all be fun, and at least I know where I’m going this year!

So yes, as work would say, and as Slade sing, its Christmas! Well, the first dinner of Christmas at least. I’ll let you know how it went on Sunday, dont expect to hear from me before then. Right, the song is still mimed, but a later look version of the famous song than normal. Hard to believe this is 40 years old, and I bought it the first time it came out. I think its been released every year since, mind!


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