Back to work!

Yes, this is the last day of my sanity break from work, its back to duty as from tomorrow morning. It has been lovely having a long break, 9 days in all (7 holiday, plus 2 days off for this week), but now I get 6 working days in a row, as ‘revenge’.

I’m going to take the vow of diplomatic silence as to the quality of calls I will be getting again as from tomorrow, but you can probably get my drift. No, I wont say more, I know some at work read this, and I have no idea who! But yes, most missions have been accomplished, presents are all sorted, story is written, and indeed sent off to my wonderful, and patient editor only a few minutes ago.

The dinner on Sunday was good, and with wonderful company. Yes, I braved the cold, and wore a dress. So popular that it was suggested I wore it to the theatre last night, so I did! Now that was cold when I came out, even with a coat on, and my back did briefly spasm, I assume related. Thankfully, it was just that one moment, been fine since, and hope it stays that way.

Given I’m in the UK, and not the US, my next big day is a week on Thursday, yes, the works Christmas Dinner really is that close now, eek! Thursday in the US, is Thanksgiving Day, but this year at least, its across the pond from me. After that, as far as I know, the next one after that is just under a month away, another date fast approaching. After that, who knows? I suspect middle of January, Nicole’s birthday. In fact, that week is my next week off, a mere 7 weeks away!

But for now, its back to work, answering calls from the shops, with queries and things.

So, this video just seemed rather apt, for what will be happening, just after 9.00 tomorrow morning

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