You have to wonder…

Well, this afternoon I was doing what I would term an online interview using Yahoo Messenger re various issues, and the matter of my transgenderism came out. Well, fine, I brought it up, mainly because I was being asked about previous romantic involvements, and things, and I mentioned having a female partner. Therefore the interviewer assumed it was a lesbian fling, and went on to ask about such matters.

Now at that point, I could bluff my way through pretty well, I’ve done it before, or given that the people at the board know I’m trans, though the interviewer didnt, and admit it. So for once, I admitted it, it wasnt much of a lesbian relationship, given I was a guy at the time. Given that even back then, my man bits didnt really work properly, and the fact I couldnt get my head around the idea of male sex, even if I thought I was a man at the time, and yes, it didnt really work out. Not surprisingly, I didnt try again afterwards, which explains the fact I’m coming up on my 13th anniversary of asexuality!

So he asked if I missed sex, and I answered no, I didnt. Then I was asked if I thought my shunning sex was related to my transgender issues, and I answered that I suspected it was, but of course there is no way of really telling. But it makes you think, doesnt it? If I’d transitioned when in my early to mid twenties, would I now be a happily married wife, or at least living with someone as a couple? At least there is one thing thats for certain, I wouldnt have had children!

Of course, the other thing you have to wonder, is how different my life might have been, if I had been born a woman. I might have got married, I might even have had children, and life might have been so different. But like so many things, you can only wonder

Oh alright, the video, this one suddenly came to mind late on. Sadly I cannot find an actual live version of this, so

Would be frightening, me as a mum, I should think lol!


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