And now, the end is near

No, dont panic, or celebrate accordingly, I only mean to my holiday.

Yes, tomorrow evening, US Airways permitting, I will return home to the UK after my break here in Richmond. Given that Kate set out this morning to go home by the same airline, and wont get there until tomorrow, due to a miscreant plane, I wont hold any breath until I’ve taken off from Philadelphia in all honesty. But, fingers crossed…

Its been a nice break, got some things done, others havent seemed to happen, and unless I actually get some writing done in the morning, they arent going to happen now. Its been great teaming up with Kate again, even if we didnt see as much of each other as we would have hoped. But believe me, I know all too well of work getting in the way of other matters!

But the weather has been great, as has the hotel, so all in all, its been a nice break for me. The other side of things, back to work Monday morning.

One last thought from Richmond, tonight I went out in a dress, and high heels to dinner alone. No one blinked, no one reacted in any way. Now, if I tried that on a Friday night in Leeds…rolls eyes! The big difference, no one trying to drink themselves into unconsciousness, maybe? Or already that drunk, and still drinking like its going out of fashion. Why is it only the Brits who think they have to drink themselves silly every weekend?

The video, its in the title. The legend that is Frank Sinatra

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