Welcome to Richmond!

Well, yesterday was easier than I thought, US Airways definitely getting plus points for the journeys yesterday, both bang on time. Yes, the intermediate bit at Philly airport, through Immigration and Security was a tight squeeze, but got to the Richmond plane just as they were starting to board.

And yes, the weather listened to me, there was some light rain last night, but that was it. This morning, its fine, a perfect start to the day. Not that this will be the liveliest day of the week, Kate doesnt even arrive in Richmond until just after 4, and given public transport is minimal during the week around here, non existent on Sunday’s, well, I wont be going far before then!

But I have got one job to do, a little walk to a nearby (20 minutes walk or so) AT&T shop, and hopefully get my little US mobile phone working again, its on charge as we speak. I’m sure its a shock to it, hasnt been used for the best part of 2 years, but anyway…At this moment I have no idea if it can be revived, or whether I will need a new one, a journey of discovery in that sense, but it will get me out for a while at least.

Then later, to the airport, and meet up with Kate, and then off to the hotel I’m staying at for the rest of the week at Short Pump. I suspect today will end up being quite a leisurely affair, given she’s flying in from Oklahoma City today, and I know how much flying takes out of you! But the rest of the week should be fun.

The video, yes, the hotel internet is so good that You Tube works, well, it relates to that little phone

PS I so love Agnetha’s outfit!

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