A friendly welcome

Yes, I’m sure that in every sense but one, I will get a friendly welcome to the US tomorrow. And no, I dont mean the Immigration official either, as the vast majority of them I’ve found to be fine, or better. Of course, the one time it wasnt, was Philadelphia, so…hope I dont get her tomorrow lol! Not that she’d recognise me, I’ve changed a, err, bit since then!

No, what I’m talking about is the forecast weather for Richmond, tomorrow afternoon and evening. Yes, I get to be greeted by thunderstorms, oh joy! No, not that they really bother me, but will probably limit the walking I can do tomorrow evening, a tactic I normally apply, given the legs tend to stiffen up on long flights. Ironically, its the only lowlight currently in the weather forecast for the whole week!

Thankfully nowadays, you can get food delivered in, so I wont starve, and I’m sure I can walk a few floor lengths indoors if necessary, but anyway…With luck, the weather forecast will be wrong, but…I doubt it!

So thats it, the last words from the UK for a while. I will try and do some posts from Virginia, but it will be dependent on things, so if I dont, then forgive me.

The video, well, here’s the weather forecast lol,

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