The way old friends do

Yes, you’re getting Abba again, but they are one of my favourite groups, so I suspect thats hardly a shock to you. Not a song that all should know at least.

Oh, and you know some silly woman mentioned about the acceptance rate, and everything? Yes, absolute kiss of death, wasnt it? No, it wasnt the young clubbing crowd in Leeds that caused the hassle though, it was one ‘rather drunk’ Indian (or sub continent somewhere) guy on Sunday in Huddersfield that provided the grief.

I wanted the first bus turning up (in fact, either did for me), and he didnt. So I walked past him, and he went loopy. Something about “Are you a man or a woman?” and he’s groping me! Though of course I dont get the same stimulation from my breasts being squeezed as some would, I reacted accordingly, angrily! Next thing, as I’m getting on the bus, he must have come up behind me, and shoved me over, and going crazy, shouting at me. I think someone must have dragged him away, because he was a short distance away when I got back up. No, he hardly got me, but the knee crumpled a bit, and I went down less than gracefully I guess? Only when I was safely on the bus, several rows back, did he start again, but the bus driver just shut the doors in his face, and drove off!

Funny thing is, this morning at the station waiting for the train, some guy was looking at me, and I think it was him! Sober now, it must be said, he looked me in the eyes, lowered his head, and walked on. Might not have been him, but it was funny if it wasnt… I’m fine now anyway, braced the knee Sunday night when I got home, all seems fine now. Yes, I’ve had a bit of surgery on the knees over the years, they arent strong, but surviving, so it seems!

Anyway, on a more positive note, and relating to the title of this thread, I am of course meeting up with an old friend this weekend, Kate, in Richmond. You could also say Richmond is an old friend, but…Yes, I’m looking forward to teaming up with her again. No more work now for 11 days in a row, thats another good thing to look forward to! Tomorrow is getting the body ready, Friday is for the hair. Saturday is for flying across the Atlantic, cant wait!

Possibly more before then, but not promising.

So, to the video, you know what it is already, so…

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