Feeling like a new woman

As regular readers might know, I cheat a bit with my cleavage. Dont get me wrong, I’m not entirely flat chested, just that they arent really very noticeable without a little help, so I’ve tended to give them just that in recent times. And yes, since changing gender, thats pretty much full time that my cleavage has had a boost, so that I look good, feel good and all that.

So what’s new, you ask? Well, those silicon breast enhancers may have a much longer life nowadays (even when worn full time), but eventually they begin to break up, and you need to get a new pair. In the old days, the gel was far more liquid than now, and you would tend to notice the leaks. Nowadays, the gel is a different standard, and its the casing that gives, not the gel.

So yes, in the last few months, the signs of wear and tear started to show, and given the holiday in 2 weeks, now seemed a good time to get a new pair. The only thing is with enhancers, they give you cleavage, but they dont look quite right when used on their own. Not surprising really, they are designed as a boost, not a boob!

So this time I decided to splash out a little more, and get a pair of actual breast forms instead. They will look more natural (when covered at least), give a better all round curve, and therefore add to the effect. Yes, they are heavier, but there is more of it, so the weight is spread, or so I thought?

They arrived today, I’m wearing them now. Yes, the curve is far more noticeable, shall we say, and the change is definitely going to get noticed at work, as the whole breast is much larger than before. Should be fun tomorrow lol! The weight, yes, I’ve noticed it. The enhancers were 260g each, and I knew I was wearing them. These are 400g each! I’m only glad I also got a pair of foam ones, which will be much lighter for sleeping in. I probably could sleep in these, but I think I’d wake myself everytime I moved! The foam ones will also be used when flying of course, no more entertainment with airport security lol, while still giving me a full breasted look!

No, its not all negative, far from it. They look fantastic, and they jiggle and bounce much as natural breasts would, whereas the enhancers got put in position, and that was it! I love them already, but they are going to take a bit of getting used to, thats for sure. I know, give it a couple of weeks, I wont even remember what it was like with just enhancers, but today…

I might have to be selective with my dresses in the future, because these beauties will be harder to hide, or disguise!

The video, no, I’m not a 36D, I’m a 38 inch chest for starters, and I dont think I’m D cup wearing these, even if just at this moment I feel like Dolly Parton with them on! But other than ‘Islands in the stream’, I couldnt think of anything more apt!

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