Its getting closer!

Yes, I know, the holiday has been mentioned before, but in my usual methodical style, I go into preparation mode far in advance of the event. Not that its perfect, I still once managed to leave my passport at home when heading out to the airport, but thankfully realised the fact very quickly. Doesnt stop me still getting ribbed about it, but anyway…

But yes, in a move that is sure to ensure a major weakening of the dollar, or strengthening of sterling, I’m planning to sort out my currency needs this week. Lets face it, at this point in time, the rate is unlikely to change drastically in either direction, so given that I’ve got an extra day off this week, and therefore some time to myself, lets get it done. To be honest, unless you are stupid enough to get it at the airport on the day (when you will get ripped off), you will get a similar rate at any point within the next 4 weeks, certainly not enough to matter for the amount I will be getting anyway. Its a bit more than usual, given that apart from the first night, hotels are not yet paid for, but still nothing that will break the bank either way.

The other big event that is getting closer, is even sooner, indeed a fortnight today. Ireland hosting England at cricket, and hopefully getting the right side of the result this time. Sadly I wont be there, just watching on Sky, but I’ll be there in spirit for the game, watching at home. Good luck guys. Sadly it will almost certainly be the last time I see Trent Johnston play for Ireland, he does have a few more games after that, but none that are likely to be on TV.

Oh, and in other news, no, I havent been invited to York by anyone, not that I ever expected to be! So, Wakefield (I suspect) and a little retail therapy is the most likely outcome on Thursday. Unless…

The video, well it reflects the first thing mentioned here, and slightly less on the Perseid (think thats spelt right?) meteor showers we’ve seen lately. A real 70’s throwback, shall we say?

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