Yes, I’ve got an ‘interesting’ week at work next week, standard hours, but spread over 4 days, instead of 5! Yes, the extra day off might be nice, assuming I’m not too exhausted to enjoy it of course! It has happened once before, but at least then I was asked in advance if I didnt mind doing it, this time I only discovered it when I got my shifts for the week! Ah well…

To be honest, given that I pay a ‘small fortune’ for my Metro card, the more days I can use it, the better, so in that sense…agreed, I may well go out on Thursday if I can get straight on other domestic issues, but even so…11 hour shifts back to back on Friday and Saturday are going to be killers! Got another tomorrow as well, so dont expect to hear from me lol!

Right, rant over, enjoy the video

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