Another ‘marmite’ matter

Though this one is nothing to do with me, and all to do with one specific form of cricket. For those who dont know it, there are a number of adverts that have done the rounds over the years about Marmite, in that you either love it, or hate it, no in between.

That form of cricket I’m talking about, its that 20 over stuff!

Yes, fine, guilty as charged, I’ve been watching 2 of the quarter finals today, and will probably do the same tomorrow for the third one as well. The last, on Thursday, I’ll see some of it, but not all, due to my work shifts. But seriously, if you asked me, as a cricket lover, whether I really like it, then the answer is no. It doesnt have the same level of disdain for me that soccer does, but compared to the longer versions (1 day included), I’m not really a fan.

At the same time, its introduced a lot of people to cricket, because of the short period of time it takes, and generally its exciting to watch as well. But if you like a good challenge between batsmen and bowlers, and tactics, then maybe not!

Talking of the longer game, its now less than a month until England travel to Malahide (Dublin), to play the might of Ireland in a 1 day international. I’m told that sales are really good, almost certain to be a record crowd for a match in Ireland, has to be a great thing. Be an even greater thing if we beat them again! Sadly for me, I will only get to see it on Sky, but thats better than nothing, I guess?

Oh, alright, the video is the obvious one, with all this talk of cricket. The current incarnation of 10CC live, in fact.

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