Is it me, or is it me?

Its just one of those funny things, most places I go, or pass through, I dont worry too much about what people think of me, or about me, its not like I’m going to see most of them ever again anyway. So if someone laughs, or says something, I just walk on by and ignore them, its just the easiest way.

Its not like I’m controversial, I have worn a skirt out a few times, and no one has even blinked. I have even worn dresses out, but not often, and only in a group, I’m not that daft! Well, not strictly true, I walked across the block to the staff dinner last December in a dress, and heels, all on my own. But given it was a December night, not in the centre of Leeds, beyond the hotel reception area, no one was even going to notice it.

But as I lightheartedly (to some degree) posted on my Facebook account today, at work, I think it would be fair to say my nickname could be marmite. Yes, you know what I mean, it seems I’m either loved, or disliked, and seemingly nothing in the middle. Now, to be fair, you’re never going to be liked by everyone. Well, not genuinely so at least, though a few celebrities might think they are lol!

No, I’m not perfect, and not just in the transgender sense either. I’m a typical Yorkshire lass, with the habit of saying what I think, even if its not always the best thing to do. So yes, my bluntness, especially with a few delicate souls, might just annoy them somewhat. And agreed, I’d be amazed if there werent some who didnt dislike me, for not being the ‘perfect woman’ shall we say, in bodily form at least. I suspect there might even be a few who dont like me for both reasons, who knows?

Dont get me wrong, the vast majority are lovely, it might be with a few, that its only to my face, but thats fine by me. Its just those few that either ignore me as much as possible, or if they do have to look at me, just glare, and tend to walk on by without saying a word. Personally, if they do have a good reason for it, I just wish they would say what it is, but of course they never do. Dont get me wrong, I try to be nice to them, but sometimes its like hitting your head against a brick wall.

Alright, frustrations over, just been one of those days I guess?

In other news, I’ve seen the pictures of me, some of them are truly amazing, it has to be said. And yes, I will post at least a couple on here, in good time, but its likely to be a few weeks I gather. Seriously Boudoir Couture do some fantastic stuff, so if you want some glam pics done, either Google the name, or ask me for details, I’ll happily provide.

Sadly the new story seems about as popular as the plague at present, not sold one copy yet. 😦 Alright, the fact that people can read it for free elsewhere may play a part with my reader market, but all the same…So a little reminder

They are also available at Amazon, and a few other good ebook stores, if you prefer, or certainly if you own a Kindle.

Alright, advert over.

The video tonight, is one by a pair of performers who I only regret never having seen live in the flesh. Never got to a reunion concert, and probably never will now, but I wish I had. Some would say this title is in tribute to a few at work

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