Born in England, dont expect to make the cricket team!

Oh alright, thats a slight exaggeration, but you get my drift. Certainly seems that the next time that England pick a team where all the players were born in England is a long way off at present. Alright, Welsh players would be allowed (officially its the England and Wales Cricket Board, though you’d never know it), but I dont think that will make much difference.

Fine, as much of my annoyance is with Boyd Rankin’s desire to play for England, rather than Ireland, his call, and one that in the long term he might live to regret. After all, he’s only playing tonight because all of the Ashes team, and a few others arent playing tonight, but thats his call.

But for the country that is supposedly the home of cricket, to have so many foreign born players in their teams, absolute joke really! I know, I know, Ireland have got a few players born outside the country in their team, but we arent supposed to be one of the major test nations in the world, and besides which, we are cutting down on these players, at the same time as England are increasing their numbers rapidly.

Bet at the moment is more likely to be as to when England will put out a team with no English born players in it lol! No, no American players in the team yet, but if they ever find a decent one, then England will probably pick him! But the song is a great one, so…

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