Airport security, and yesterday

Its funny how things happen, isnt it. Normally you only get to experience airport security once when setting out to fly somewhere, dont you? Unless your plane gets cancelled, and you have to go back and start all over again, of course. Mind, if you did, you’d expect the same results twice, unless…

This happened to me yesterday, I was meant to be flying to Belfast on the 3.05 flight from Manchester yesterday, but didnt. The flight was cancelled, 15 minutes after we should have taken off, for technical reasons, strongly rumoured to be the fact there wasnt enough people booked on the plane, but I have no evidence of that. But given there was a regular Flybe passenger booked on our plane, and he commented this wasnt the first time it had happened to him, for that reason, so…

Ah, the fun bit. When I went through security the first time, I was in ‘no rush’ mode, and was processed normally. I went through one of the standard scanners, and passed through first time, not a thing. Oh, unamusing point with that team, despite boobs and things (was even in wedge heels), I had to wait for a man to see me, not a woman. I wasnt annoyed, until they started letting women through, but anyway…

Second time around, because I had very little time to get on board, they put me in the fast lane, and I went through one of the more modern scanners, and set it off. Exactly the same things on, watch was in handbag both times, so…I got to do the newest body scanner thing, which I’ve done in the US before (and cleared) as well. So I get the hand scanner thing used on me, seems it was the buckles on my trousers that may have set it off, or the silver metal decorations on my shoes. But they both passed the first time! Oh, second time around, I was female, female scanned, and called madam, so I preferred them, despite everything.

Weird thing is I passed through the most modern version of body scanner in Rochester, in April, with a big metal button on my trousers, and passed! Oh, for those who dont know, this is it, though its now in use, not on trial any more

Today has been a wonderful day at the cricket, meeting up with some old friends, making some new ones in the media area today as well. I saw a century scored, sadly by an Australian. Steve Smith did look classy though, and if he doesnt play in the Ashes, I will be amazed. Back again tomorrow, weather permitting.

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