Modern film, old story

Yes, The Great Gatsby has been remade again, and in honour of what I saw last night, its the subject matter for tonights blog.

Incredibly, the first film of this story was made in 1926, but sadly, beyond a one minute trailer, none of it has survived the test of time, thats all we have nowadays. That was almost the video tonight, but I fell for the charms of this one instead, cant think why! Watch it, if you cant guess already lol!

After what had been a pretty typical Saturday at work, I went off to get the train home, tired out. But despite that, what I saw on the train both made me smile, and very jealous. Clearly a young couple had been off to see the film, and she had dressed up for the part, looking truly amazing, it must be said. The only fault, as far as I could see, her hair was far too long. Otherwise she looked just like she had been whisked forward from the 1920’s, to the modern day.

And alright, I wouldnt have looked anything like as good as her, age, transgender, and everything else would count against me, as would my knees, if wearing a dress that short, but anyway… Yes, I was jealous, and would have loved to swap places, and looks with her, but ah well…Made a wonderful sight for me though, after a long Saturday at work. I’m not saying I was the only one on the train who got the significance of her look, but given it was the usual Saturday evening crowd, its probably not that far from the truth!

Maybe I should go to see it, though where I find the time to do so, I have no idea. And yes, alright, I’d love to dress up like that when I go, but thats even more unlikely, its fair to say.

The video, yes, its a 20’s thing

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