The last time Ireland tied an ODI…

…They went on to beat Pakistan in the next game! Will history repeat itself on Sunday, all we can do is wait and see!

Alright, the last time that happened, it was Zimbabwe they tied with, back in 2007, and then on St Patricks Day, they went out and beat Pakistan. Things have changed a bit since then mind, back then, all (but one I think?) were part time players, nowadays the team that played yesterday had one part time player! Indeed 8 of the 11 play in the English county championship, and Kevin O’Brien has represented a couple of counties in the 20 over game in his time. Might again, after yesterday too.

The game had everything yesterday, including the seemingly inevitable short bursts of rain that seem to feature so often with cricket in Ireland. Thats why Ireland scored 9 more runs than Pakistan, but only got a tie unfortunately. Try putting Duckworth Lewis method into Google if you dont know why already.

No, I wasnt there, sadly. I was following it on the internet, care of an excellent online commentary thanks to Ian Callender and friends. It was shown on You Tube, care of Cricket Ireland, and Quipu, but as I was working, I settled for the written word. Waiting for the refresh on the last ball, absolutely unbearable! But then it came up, a four, Ireland had tied the match, tremendous stuff. I didnt punch the air or anything, I was still at work, but inwardly I did, what a result!

Me, I will get to see Ireland play this year live, and I dont just mean via Sky, for the England game. Three weeks from now, if you’re lucky, I’ll be blogging from Belfast, going over for the first couple of days of the game against Australia A. Sadly I wont get to see many, if any of the county players, I doubt they will be released. But I will get to see 11 proud Irishmen playing against the Aussies, and hoping we put up a good show.

Proud of you, hopefully I’ll be even prouder after the 2nd game on Sunday. Oh, and for those who care, here’s the last over. Yes, it takes nearly 8 minutes, due to various events. And yes, the commentators get the result wrong, Ireland didnt lose the game!

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