Its getting closer!

To what? That much needed holiday of course! Two weeks from now, well, I’ll be several thousand miles from here in Rochester, New York. Yes, I’m looking forward to it a lot, and hopefully spring seems to be arriving there at last, and reputedly is about to arrive here too. What, just in time for the cricket season, something must have gone wrong there lol! Normally its the snow arriving again to celebrate that landmark lol!

Well, dont say I didnt warn you the Grand Natiobal tips were rubbish, because they were! And no, there was absolutely no chance of me picking that winner out, thats for sure! Yes, I can tell its getting closer, just been checking out the advance train fares to see the best option for getting there on the Friday. I need to get it sorted out in the next week or so, and finishing time tomorrow makes it a good bet for not facing a queue at the station for doing so. Well, in theory at least… Anyone fancy taking a lady out to dinner in Manchester on the 19th? Thought not lol! Staying overnight at an airport hotel because of early start, as I will only get a lift back this time around.

Rochester will be fun, no real idea what I’m setting myself up for, but it looks a good place to visit. Well alright, Louse Brooks’s grave is a reason for going there, but plenty of other things too. Looking forward to going back to Lake Ontario, about the only part of Rochester I really saw 25 years ago, as well as all the new things. A return to Buffalo on a day trip is planned too, but nothing really pencilled in beyond that, other than a baseball game, weather permitting.

Ah well, just 8 more shifts to get through…

Oh, the video, as ‘The Boss’ says, its terrible! But its him performing in Rochester, so…lets do the mash…

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