A National Event

Yes, at the end of this week we get the race that even makes me have my once a year bets, the Grand National. And yes, at the end of this blog, I will give you 3 to avoid, the ones I fancy!

Of course, if you mention the race to most people, and asked them to say one name related to it, the answer would still be Red Rum, despite the fact that it was 40 years ago this year that he first won the race. Since then, we’ve had a void race, a race ran on a Monday due to a bomb scare, and sadly, more than a few fatalities along the way. But along comes that annual institution, and everyone decides they are the shrewdest punter in the world. Not me though, thats for sure lol!

Nowadays, the field has a maximum of 40 runners, and the fences have been tweaked dramatically for safety reasons from when I was young. Mind, nowadays you see the race in colour, wasnt the case for my first few National’s, thats for sure! Yes, I watched the Foinavon race (67) in sheer amazement probably, or as much as a 9 year old could at the time at least!

This year, for the first time in my memory, it wont be shown on the BBC. They now have given up on racing completely, and so the race will be shown on Channel 4 instead. And yes, it will be a crazy day for me at work, thats for sure! Funnily enough, Saturday is the only short day I have left this week, just a standard length day! The next 3 days, you dont want to know! Just dont expect any blogs till Sunday!

Right, the 3 fancy, and therefore I suspect should be avoided at all cost. Big Fella Thanks, Across The Bay, and Balthazar King, just dont say I didnt warn you.

And so to end with another Mersey classic, nothing to do with horse racing


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