Whats Another Year?

Yes, its approaching that time of year again when that number beside your name ticks upwards. Yes, my birthday, and nowadays that number holds a bit more significance, as it hits the mid 50’s. Its Saturday btw, but with my killer shifts over the next 3 days, you arent going to get another posting from me before then. So…

I know, its silly to let a day get to you this way, but as that age number keeps going upwardd, you start to think about your own mortality, and how much, or maybe how little you’ve done with your life, and that maybe your time to change that is beginning to run out. Yes, I should have a bit of time left yet, but all the same…

No, I have no major celebration plans made, indeed if I have my way, it will be a fairly quiet day. Well, I suppose if the weather improves sufficiently for me to wear a dress when we go out to celebrate Saturday night, it might add some entertainment factor to the event, especially if I wear high heels, something I’ve been practicing walking in, with perhaps surprising success. More likely low heels, but lets wait and see how I feel, and how the weather is. If its as cold as at present, its more likely to be a top, and warm skirt than a dress anyway. And certainly if there is any snow about, no way am I wearing high heels! I’m not that good yet to cope with that.
Even tried stilettos and got by, though I’m certainly not confident enough to wear them out yet, just in case I need to move quickly or something. But I’m getting there…And there was I thinking of getting rid of them, as I’d never wear them lol! Now, just maybe… though neither pair for walking very far as yet, thats for sure, especially as I tend to need to dash for a bus at night, and there is no way I could do that in heels!

Beyond that, its beginning to look like a lively social calendar for the next few months, by my standards at least. Rochester in April, when hopefully Louise brook’s spirit might drop in for a while. OMD concert in May, Irish Cricket in June, and then off to Kansas in September. I know, by some peoples standard, nothing exciting, but for a dull little thing like me, living it up! Other than that, work, work, work, I suspect!

So yes, by the next time you hear from me, it will be another year in my life, that of age 55. So aptly, the video seems suitable, and yes, it is the obvious one from the title.

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