Is spring on the way?

I only ask because the weather forecast for this week is suggesting that the temperature will break 50, and thats quite something, even more so as I’m off most of the week! No, I dont put great faith in weather forecasts in all honesty, but we will wait and see. Who knows, I might end up wearing shoes at some point this week, and maybe even a skirt, or at least a lighter coat. Given the mornings are still cold, and I’ve got an early start for work tomorrow, it wont happen just yet, thats for sure!

Tuesday will be miracle making day, getting my hair highlighted and cut in the morning, it needs both! Then in the afternoon, the nails will be touched up, and the back (and other areas) massaged. After that, the week is mine! It makes it pretty much 3 days for travelling around in all honesty, I dont tend to do so much at weekends, I prefer it when the streets, and shops are quieter in all honesty. Not that I plan to go far, saving all that up for 7 weeks time when I go to the US. But equally, some time in the fresh air, just doing my own thing will be nice.

And no, as I discovered, there isnt really any real shopping needs that I have, but if I see a bargain, well…I might get it all the same 🙂 And yes, I’m a creature of habit, so going somewhere new isnt likely to happen either. I’m also of course limited by where is easily reachable by public transport of course. Somehow or other, I think I might avoid Leeds though, unless I get good reason, I see enough of that place as it is!

But yes, I might get out of boots this week, I might even get out of trousers, I prefer the chances of the former though lol! The video, well, the weather forecast suggests more than 1 of these, but lets wait and see…

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