The only beau I get is a rainbow

And lets face it, there arent too many of them around at this time of year, you need sunshine for that. Well, and rain instead of snow, but anyway…

Yes, two days from now, its Valentines Day again. Someone at work is threatening that he’s getting me a card, but I’ll wait and see on that, especially as he’s not working that day, but at least the thought is there. Of course, for all those of you with email, and how are you here without it, you could always slip the old lady an e-card, and make her day. No, no breath will be held, especially as this tease didnt work last year anyway.

And the only gift I’ve got on the day, is an hour and a half of overtime, couldnt see the point in saying no, as I’m not being wined and dined by anyone, thats for sure. Oh, and lets face it, I wont be suitably dressed on Thursday now, unless someone wants to surprise (read amaze) me in advance that is. Can you imagine the reaction at work if I turned in, dressed to the nines for a Valentines Day Meal lol! No, you’re right, no one is that crazy!

Yes, I know, me working overtime, bit of a shock isnt it? Ah, there is method in my complete madness, overtime in February gets paid at the end of March, nicely in time for my holiday in April. No, the little bit I do wont make a lot of difference, but it all helps. Off to Rochester, not the one in Kent I lived near for 21 years, the one in New York. Lets just say that one I want to go to, one I never want to return to, no prizes for working out which is which under the circumstances. Was last in the NY one 25 years ago, and I suspect its changed. No, I wont be sure, beyond standing by the lake, I dont remember a thing of the place in all honesty, so it will seem like new at least. Hard to believe its only 10 weeks till I’ll be there, in all honesty.

Ah, the video. I’m not sure if that was how it was planned, but I see this as the perfect cynical reaction to Valentines Day for someone like me.

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