Oops, I did it again, and again seemingly!

No, dont worry, nothing serious, just too much shopping over the years without sorting it out…until today! Facepalm moment lol!

Yes, I had a pile of bags in the corner of my room, some dating back several years that just never got sorted into my clothing collection. Today, rashly, some would say unwisely, I set to the task! Yes, they are all sorted out now, but I have far more tops, blouses etc in my collection than I could ever have imagined. Oh, and several short dresses that at my age, and height, are only ever going to be used as tops, believe me! Err, and a short blue leather (or leather look) skirt that I have no idea when I might wear it, but hey, its a fun item, I kept it. its funny isnt it, I recently found a full length, definitely leather skirt in a charity shop that I’m far more likely to wear. Oh, and I discovered that I have enough skirts to keep me going through the summer too, some of which were hidden, because I never used to wear such things in public, but now…grin! Not sure I’ll be wearing the black leather one to work, all the same. The others though, oh yes! When the weather warms up anyway. Did get a new pair of work shoes today, via Nicole and the Charity shop, but they were needed. Yes, they are heels, but not of the high type lol!

Oh, and I cleaned out the wardrobe too, that was fun. I’ll be honest, its one of these ‘put together’ ones, and the rail gave way under the weight of all the tops I piled on top of it, not blamelessly in the slightest I might add, but…At the bottom, I found a pair of high heels (4″ or so?) that I could just about move about in, but not really walk far, and a pair of stillettos, which I couldnt! Both, along with several other items are now in several bags, heading for a local charity shop that Nicole works in. Quite a lot of it were ‘man things’, a few of which were never worn, a couple still in their wrapping. Yes, thats how long I’ve had some of this stuff, it must date back more than 10 years, eek!

Oh, alright, no, I dont think there is any item of clothing I need in the foreseeable future, but going through with knowing that, when I see a bargain, hmm…? Must resist, must resist,…maybe? 😉

So to the video, and no, I havent got an outfit like this one lol. I know, I know, its Britney, but we all have to suffer at times. Would I have one if you offered? Hmm… Oops, nearly did it again lol!

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