Same Sex Marriage

Yes, I know, easy get out subject matter for tonight. Well, unless you want to hear about boring things, like getting my nails done, the fact its been snowing again, or the insane shifts at work start tomorrow…No, thought not, so lets do a very rare venture into politics.

So its official, by a very large majority of 225, the government bill permitting same sex marriages has been passed. No, I dont know if thats it, or whether the folk in the House of Lords get to have a say or not, but for now, lets celebrate this fine act.

No, I dont want to get married to anyone, I’m not even technically sure which would be same sex for me at present? I suspect, given that I havent yet had something removed, it would be another man, but dont quote me on that. My medical records say I’m female, passport says I’m male, so who knows? But yes, you’re right, I dont even have any interest in getting romantically attached, let alone married to anyone, so…But alright, I wouldnt mind a Valentines Card from someone in 9 days time, however hypocritical that may sound. Its just been so long, it would be kind of sweet, so…

The irony of this vote though, is that most of the opponents of this bill were Conservative. Yes, the party in power, funny, isnt it? But given that for once, Labour was supportive on this, as well as the coalition partners, the Liberal Democrats, it sailed through.

As I say, for me personally, it doesnt mean a lot, I certainly have no plans to get married to anyone, of either sex, now, or in the foreseeable future. Apart from my total lack of interest in sex, I’m far too used to my own independence for anything like that now. So sorry folks, you can wine and dine me, but romance wouldnt be part of the deal. I know, I’m just awkward lol!

But for those of the same sex who do want to be married, I’m thrilled for you, absolutely delighted that it can now happen. And delighted, and amazed about our politicians doing something as radical as this. Alright, the down side, the Church of England isnt involved. Other churches, its their call, and somehow I cant see many rushing to say yes. But registry offices at least, so OK, its a start.

So David Cameron, thanks for that. Now, if you want to start looking into transgender issues with the NHS, you might even get my vote next time around.

Right, the video, I’d like to think this works quite well, and its a group I liked, so… And yes, its the cleaned up version that even children can listen to, lol!

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