That back to work time

Yes, in all but the literal sense, the holiday is over. Lets face it, I wouldnt be working at 9pm on a Sunday anyway, so, yes, right, done and dusted! Just a shame the weather has been so uninspiring this week, but it is January, so what can I really expect? But even so, its not been the loveliest weather, even for January.

Tomorrow I get to have the fun of getting to and from work, which probably wont be fun. To be fair, most of this week has seen the public transport not being too awful, but they’ve probably just been waiting for me, so they can fall apart lol! Other shame is that its an early start tomorrow, as the video will say, 6 o’clock already, aargh, that will be me in the morning! In fact the alarm will be set just before that, but anyway…

The funny thing is, what is there going to be going on? Hey, at the moment, even the all weather racing is being cancelled by the weather, so…Whether this means work is relatively sane, or you get idiotic requests for football in Division 6 of the Fiji league, I have no idea. Given the intelligence levels of our staff, and the desperateness of punters to spend money, nothing would surprise me on that front!

Clothing, definitely trousers and winter boots tomorrow, thats the safest bet I can offer you! Skirt and shoes, ask me about that when the temperature gets at least to the high 50’s lol! Anyone got a coat with a heating coil inside it? So yes, the blog rate will return to a quieter level again after today.

So given its work, and knowing my luck, chaos on the trains, what could be more apt than

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