Colours Of My Life

I guess many would say that nowadays they are pink (obvious) and rainbow (lgbt) lol. Oh my, havent things changed. And in all honesty, you dont even have to go back that far to notice the changes, less than a year in fact. To be honest, I had to check back on my blogs to prove to myself that I have only had ‘a decent cleavage’ for about a year! Nowadays, I couldnt imagine life without them to be honest. The other physical change I really notice, and this is purely natural, is where my waist has gone, and where did those hips appear from? And thats all just a natural hormonal change, though whether hypnosis played a part in convincing them to change, I have no idea?

But anyway, a snap of me at work at the start of last year, and now, might look a bit different lol, especially on the chest front. Hair, funnily enough is slightly shorter now than then, but thats because of the bob hairstyle, though thats getting back to neck length now, Brooksie would be ashamed of me, but even so, I’m not going that short, but probably ought to get it trimmed a bit all the same. Mind, her ghost would probably tell me I should go dark haired too, but I know at least one who has threatened to kill if I change from blonde, so…do wonder if I should get it coloured properly, rather than highlights, but I think thats where the changes will stop.

Clothing wise, oh my! A year ago I wouldnt have considered going out in anything more radical than womens trousers, but look at me now! Not just once have I worn a dress to a meal out, I’ve done it twice! And somehow I suspect, given there is another birthday dinner this weekend, I will probably be expected to do the same again! I was always planning to wear a skirt for that (as I did for Christmas Dinner), but I’m not sure if that will be enough now. If I do, it might be a different one, though ironically now I own a pair of gold heels…but 3 meals in a row, surely not the done thing, darlings lol? Oh yes, I’ve also worn a skirt to the theatre, a different skirt to work, and heels (wedge) on all those occasions, so…And yes, when the weather improves, I’ll certainly wear those 2 pairs of shoes to work, and skirts as well in all likelihood.

Attitude, well, I’ve always been a woman, darlings, just took a while to take it as far as I should have done years ago! So no, apart from being more forceful about the whole thing, no changes there, thats for sure. Funny thing is, I’m realising just how few people left at work ever knew me as a man! I have noticed I’m getting more annoyed if they do refer to me as he, and certainly I get annoyed, but tend to keep my mouth shut when others do it. I used to get by with it, but now…not so much!

Just makes me wonder where I will be when typing this up one year from now, doesnt it. No, I dont think it will be dresses for work, but thats more because no one wears a dress to work, than anything else I suspect! No major high heels either, but that is always going to be a physical issue with my knees as anything else. Would I otherwise, hmm…? About the one thing I can promise, I wont get pregnant! I might have an undeveloped womb, but I’m ‘through the change’ by now age wise besides. Also, that does require sexual intercourse, and I’m still not interested lol!

Right, the video. Its an old enough song that most may not know it, though this live version is a mere 20 years old, the song is nearer 50! Enjoy, I hope.

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