Snow is on its way, someone must be on holiday!

Yes, according to the weather forecast this morning, winter is about to strike over here. Snow, temperatures barely above freezing and all that. Yes, you’re right, I’m on holiday next week, perfect timing as per usual lol! It is related to another event happening here, combined with having a stack of time to take before the end of March, so…Anyone got an Eskimo suit? 😉

Unless it gets really bad (and knowing my luck, it will), I plan to do some travelling next week, so hopefully it wont be as bad as forecast. I’m planning on a trip across the Pennines (possibly snowy?) to Manchester, partly for a day out shopping, but mainly, it must be said to get in that Aqua Massager again, my knees are certainly screaming out for that, and I’m sure the back wont mind either. Beyond that, a trip on the Settle and Carlisle railway again, care of the reduced fare, and wouldnt mind a little snow for that, but not too much! One other trip probably, though no idea where at present, so feel free to tempt. If nothing else comes up, Doncaster might be the favourite.

What else to report? I’m not sure if I mentioned it, and I havent got time to go back through everything to check, so…if in doubt, post it now lol. At work we had an email around about making your dream come true, and I took a chance, and sent my piece in. Only asked for a photoshoot to be paid for, but doesnt sound like I was one of the lucky ones. Not that anyone told us the winners were announced, I only found out because of someone’s Facebook posting, says it all really! So still hoping on that too.

Ah, the video, what you and me could be next week, if we met in the street. Yes, I love the video, and this is one of those under the radar gems from Ultravox. And oh, local connection, Billy Currie is also from Huddersfield! I might even have met/seen him, dont really know what he looks like nowadays, a bit older than here, thats for sure!

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