Yes, I am still around

Yes, I know, its been a while since I posted anything here. I am still about, and active, though not necessarily in a literal sense. If you work on the basis that I generally post on my days off from work, you were probably expecting something Sunday, and it never happened. To be honest, I felt like death warmed up, and doing anything much, and certainly eating very much proved a challenge beyond my skills, so the blog was ignored.

I’m slightly better today, though far from at full strength, which is why you’re just getting an abbreviated apology tonight. To be honest, it wont be long after I finish this before I head to bed, and yes, I know its just gone 9.00, but I have no strength whatsoever. I’m just glad I was off today, and tomorrow, hopefully I’ll have a bit more life in me by Thursday, when I go back to work. Just ironic that the really bad weather hasnt even started yet, and I’m struggling with my nose, and chest again.

So yes, I started feeling guilty that I wasnt going to post again tonight, so came up with this. Hopefully I’ll feel a bit better tomorrow, and you might get something decent lol. So though its not a hard word for me to say, this does seem rather apt.


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