A Film Review

Given recent postings here, I’m sure no one needs to be told which film! Given I’d gone over 8 years since I last saw a movie in a cinema, or theatre, dont hold your breath waiting for the next review either!

Yes, if anyone out there didnt know, it was Pandoras Box, starring Ms Louise Brooks, which I saw last night in Leeds. Post work, the evening started briefly with the ‘delights’ of a quick meal in McDonalds, which filled the need, but only as an appetiser to the main course.

I’d never been in the Grand Theatre in Leeds before last night, the box office being set to the side, so had no idea what to expect. But on first impressions at least, I was duly impressed, though of course I didnt get to see the main theatre, just one of the side rooms upstairs where the film was to be shown.

It might not have been the first full length silent movie I’d seen, Metropolis holds that honour, though that was on DVD or Video, not on a big screen. The other excitement about last night was a live soundtrack provided by 4 talented musicians. But yes, the big thrill for me was seeing Louise Brooks on the big screen.


provides a few highlights for you, as I didnt think anyone would sit through the full film on a computer, as its nearly 2 and a quarter hours long! No, it didnt feel like it was that long, it has to be said. I know they had to ‘act’ in a silent movie, but hopefully without bias, I found Brooks to be a very good actress. Not to say the supporting cast were anything less, but alright, it was her I went to see, to some degree.

Its not hard to see why it caused controversy when it first came out, its a storyline that certainly pulls its punches, especially in less enlightened times back then. And thats not just the famous scene, regarded as the first film lesbian scenes with Lulu, and the Countess dancing together. No, nothing actually happens, but the look in the Countesses eyes certainly suggest she’d like something to happen! Who can blame her really though? ūüėČ

No, I didnt see any ghostly apparition in the theatre, and certainly not sat next¬†to me, though that seat remained empty, one of the few that did. I swear I felt someone (or something) touch my arm, and hand though, but definitely no one there, or moving in that area at the time. But anyway…

If you have any sort of interest in Louise Brooks, you should make the effort to go and see it sometime, it will be well worth it. If you dont, you might find it a bit dark, unless your tastes run that way. Me, if I get the chance to see more of her films, I will take them, but not sure as to when that chance might arise. But yes, its interesting to see the full film, and the different scenarios that Andy McCluskey used to snip parts for his OMD video. But I owe him much gratitude for introducing me to Louise Brooks in the first place.

The journey home afterwards, surprisingly smooth, I have no idea what went wrong lol!

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