Whats Going On?

And no, this isnt just an excuse of a title for a video, genuinely, I want to know.

Normally this blog plods along nicely, with a general viewing rate of 5-6 a day, which is nothing sensational, but then again, hey, neither is the blog really, I suspect lol?

Yesterday looked another day of ‘much of the same’, the count was actually at 2 when I posted the blog last night. Fair enough, I hadnt posted for days, so…I checked back about half an hour later, to see if anyone had picked up on the new posting, and to see if I might get up to average for the day.

80, yes 80 viewings when I went back! What the heck? Last thing before bed, about 20 minutes later, I thought I’d see if the rush had died down at that point. Nope, 133 views at that point lol! That was it though, the last hour before midnight didnt add to the score. Has it died down today, well sort of. Last time I looked, it was still on 65 views for the day! The stats page is in such shock at this that its frozen after 53 postings everywhere except the daily total! And yes, 133 was a new daily record by some distance.

I had no idea that me posting about threatening to wear a dress to the works christmas dinner would be so popular! I suspect someone new saw it, took a look around, and post views exploderated! All I know is all yesterdays looks were from the UK, today on the basis of limited info, the viewers are a better country spread. Still, no offers of a dress, or bribes to wear a dress at the dinner though lol!

So, as 4 Non Blondes (the group), and 1 Blonde (me) have to say, Whats Going On? The video,


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