50 years ago this week.

We had what they term the start of a pop revolution, the first single by a new group called the Beatles. Yes, that moment passed me by pretty much, I was only 4 at the time lol. But for a few years, this group totally dominated the pop scene.

And before anyone asks, no, I wouldnt know about this anniversary but for the BBC news broadcasts.

The funny thing was, my mother wouldnt let me “buy” any of their records, not quite sure why. Especially as buying stuff by the Kinks, and other “subversive” groups seemed to be absolutely fine by her! But anyway, I will never know why now, thats for sure. Funny thing was, even when I grew older, and bought my own music, I still never bought a single Beatles single or LP. Cant have been totally influenced though, as Wings, and solo Paul McCartney stuff entered my collection.

But you know, when you hear things like this, and you remember the group in its hey day, albeit as a child, you start to feel old lol!

The video, no, its not Love Me Do, that first single, I suspect many are tired of hearing that this week. So lets go with one of my favourite Beatles tracks instead


2 responses

  1. Personally, my favorite is either “Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band” or “Yellow Submarine.” Just sayin’.


  2. Did like both of those, but thats just one song that has stuck with me over the years. Eleanor Rigby probably would be the other, if picking two for me, to be honest


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