Its gridiron time again!

Yes, thats right, as the cricket season heads towards the end, and baseball heads towards the playoff zone, the NFL is about to get under way. Tonight (US time), or the early hours of the morning over here, sees the season get under way, as the Cowboys meet up with the reigning champs, the New York Giants. Thats right, normally its a Thursday night, but some guy by the name of Obama is making a speech tomorrow night, so they’ve moved it. And yes, that last comment is tongue in cheek, if anyone didnt realise lol!

So for now, everyone is equal. As far as Buffalo, and the AFC East is concerned, it stays that way until Sunday. Yes, I’m a Bills fan, have been for about 25 years, ever since I got into the game. Its funny, I remember when C4 over here first started covering it in the mid 80’s, you’d get the highlights of one game, a week after it happened. Nowadays, minimum 4 or 5 live games a week, though several do take place in the middle of the night over here, not much use to me! But for some…

Before you ask, no, I dont think the Bills will win the Superbowl, but we could make the playoffs. Probably only as a wild card, cant see us topping out the Patriots, but you never know…but no, lol! Dark horse selection, Houston, if anyone cares. And no, dont remind me about that at the end of December lol!

Right, the video, totally unrelated for once. Well, not strictly, but its a very, very lateral connection

2 responses

  1. Everyone is no longer equal, as the Giants did something very, very special (not done in a long time) in their own inimitable fashion. 😛


  2. They did, dont they? Like most in the Forum contests, I got it wrong lol! Still, hopefully the other NY (or is it New Jersey?) team lose on Sunday as well


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