Good luck, Cricket Ireland

Why today, when the T20 World Cup doesnt start for another 15 days, you might ask yourself? Simple really, I’ll be on holiday when it all gets under way, so probably wont have time to do this then. Still, today? According to a posting on Facebook, today is the day the Irish squad leave to start their preparations, thats why. So hopefully someone will pick up on the message, and pass it on, or maybe someone will even see it themselves? Probably not the latter though, lol!

Can they win it, in all reality, no. Can we bloody a nose or two in the meanwhile, quite possibly! Our group matches are against the West Indies and Australia, so…In theory no, but…

West Indies are volatile, to put it mildly, catch them on a good day, they could wallop us. Catch them on a bad, day, get Gayle out early, and well, anything could happen. Australia are still a more than decent team, if not the force they used to be. And given that beating one of these would get us through to the next stage, well, you never know. Its not going to be easy, dont get me wrong, but its not impossible either.

After that, well, who knows?

The important thing, come what may, is to make us supporters feel proud of you, to know you gave your all when we watch you play, either live, or on TV. Sadly I’ll miss the first game, I’ll be in the US, and I suspect I might lack for coverage over there. But I’ll catch up via the internet, thats for sure.

Good luck, everyone.

What else? 😉

2 responses

  1. Yeah. Unfortunately, the US doesn’t have a big TV cricket market. Still sure you want to repatriate here?


  2. After various events today at work, its not even a close call. Yes, yes, and yes! I can follow the cricket on the internet, and I get baseball and football, absolutely no contest.


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