The sporting summer

In a follow up to a recent posting, the wonderful BBC commentators are still at their best. If you believed all they told us, Great Britain would have won about 6 gold medals by now. Err, the grand total so far, 6 less than that lol! The biggest piece of over hype was Mark Cavendish in the road race, didnt even get a medal! Then totally ignored, our mens gymnastics team got a bronze today, against all odds!

From what I read tonight, its not only the medal prospects they’re getting wrong, seemingly there are multiple comments on network sites re poor pictures, commentaries etc…ah well…Still, another fortnight or so and it will all be over! Sadly that means the start of the football (soccer) season over here, and all the hype (and overpaid footballers acting like idiots) to the fore. Ah well…under 7 weeks from now until my escape for a week, really cant wait!. 🙂 Yes, summer really is passing by now, but at least it seems to have finally arrived here.

Another reason why I know that, the pre season for the NFL starts next weekend! Alright, its still 6 weeks to the serious stuff, but…its coming home lol! Hey, I can start dreaming of the Bills in the play offs again.

Also in September is a chance for the Irish to ‘bloody a few noses’ at the 20 over version of the World Cup Cricket, the first game of which I will be in the US for, but thanks to the internet, I will still be able to find out whats happening. The second qualifier is the day after I get back, might need to get that as a day off lol! For getting over jet lag purposes of course, nothing more lol!

Oh, right, the video you say, just get to it. Well this includes NFL (and Baseball) as well as a few sporting bloopers too. You could say our Olympic hopefuls are in Dire Straits (or maybe not?)

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