Living In A Material World?

Something happened yesterday that made me wonder just how crazy this world is at times?

No, nothing serious, just that the pin in my watchstrap split, leaving the watch dangling from my arm. Yes, I caught it, and besides which, its only a cheap one, think it was £6 when I got it, and thats the whole point. To get a new strap for this watch, will cost me about the same as a new watch of the same kind, crazy or what? The snag with that, is the few days I will be without a watch, waiting for it to arrive from Amazon, or the like.

No, I dont want the strap as a giveaway, or for watches to be more expensive at the budget end of the market, just think its a crazy thing if you are trying to be environmentally friendly, thats all. Ironically, when I had this strap fitted (I’ve had the watch a while, and the original strap did the same thing), I got a 2 year guarantee on the strap from the provider, and I’m still within that period. Snag, where I got it from has stopped doing business in the current recession lol! So, all I’ve got is a worthless bit of paper…!

I probably will get a strap, if not tomorrow (when time is a premium), more likely Thursday, when hours suit work wise, though I will hate being without one tomorrow if I do that.  I did have a second watch, but it vanished when my room was redecorated while on holiday, and has never been seen since. Probably just buried somewhere, but ah well…

Anyone know of any 20’s style, budget ladies watches btw? 😉 Should really have a second watch regardless, and that would be so much fun to have. Modern workings, old fashioned looks.

The video, a woman I enjoyed the music of, way back then, when Madonna’s style was more fun. I’m not really a Material Girl in that sense, more the one who just wants to have fun, but anyway…I do love that dress though!

2 responses

  1. I found two, each about $80 US, but not a budget one so far . . .


  2. Yes, I suspect that trying to get the 20’s look does kill off the budget medium, but fingers crossed


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