The Wonderful British Summer

Well, ideally I’d be writing this at the halfway point of the Ireland v Afghanistan 4 day match, but unsurprisingly this summer, that hasnt happened. In fact, due to the ‘wonderful’ summer that we’ve had over here, not a ball has been bowled in the first 2 days. And ironically now, we are both better off points wise with a ball not being bowled, unless a result could be forced in 2 days, a highly unlikely event.

I know, British summers arent renowned for wonderful weather (with a few humble exceptions, I vaguely remember), but this one has been absolutely dismal. At this rate they’ll be able to hold the Olympic swimming events at the main athletics arena! We’ve had a few warm (but wet) days, and an awful lot of cold/chilly (and wet) ones in all honesty. At the present moment all I can hope for is some decent weather when I get to the US in September, though knowing my luck, I’ll take this lousy weather with me, and that will be the only decent week over here!

Apologies for the moaning post btw, but this weather is really getting to me, sorry. No, never, nothing to do with it affecting Irish cricket, and if you believe that… And alright, another early start in the morning does nothing to cheer me either.

Good news, yes, there is some. Had a good massage today, and the back is happier for it. Legs arent complaining now either! Also had a nice meal out tonight, with good company, so…not all is bad lol.

The song tonight, pretty apt for this dismal summer, I guess?

2 responses

  1. Judging by the penultimate paragraph, not all parts of this summer are so dismal.


  2. No, the only thing truly dismal has been the weather


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