Now I remember why I dont go out on a Saturday!

And no, before anyone shows any concerns, absolutely nothing to do with transgender issues in the slightest. One Indian man did ask his teen son if that was a man or a woman who had just passed them, but his son, I suspect taken in by my boobs, replied with confidence, woman. I was too far past them to hear more lol! More on the other entertaining moment shortly.

No, the reason I do trips out, and shopping midweek, is because of the number of people about, midweek is quieter, and so much easier. Snag was, this week, one of my days off was today. Yes, shock horror, a Saturday off, no idea what happened there? But given I wanted to do some shopping, and I have an appointment on Monday lunchtime, it was a bit now or never, given a space on the reading front from updates. And feeling mad, I went over to Manchester, for a change.

Wrong move lol! I had to stand on the train going over, it was absolutely packed. I only found out later that there is some concert on over there tonight (Stone Roses, whoever they are?) and lots of young folk were travelling across for that, even at 11.15 in the morning. Even worse, they were the football fans type, and the whole journey was set off by their continued swearing (mainly in Leeds United (football team) related songs), and lots of alcohol.

I must have passed lol, quite grateful in all honesty, given the state of them, and their behaviour. One did drunkenly ask if I was ‘one of those ladyboys’ as I was about to get off, but firmly got told ‘no, she isnt, so shut the f… up’ by one of the others lol!

I headed for Primark (US people, think Old Navy, its as close as I can get), because I wanted some cheap sandals for my September holiday, and they obliged. I have got a pair already, but they were slip on ones, and I dont feel comfortable with them, because I always think I’m going to fire them off my feet, and have done, at least once lol! Picked up a few other bits and pieces as well, nothing vital, but handy all the same. Oh, including a pair of silver trousers that appealed to me no end. Also looked at a couple of bras, but was positive I didnt have the money. Snag was, I got near the pay desk, and saw socks, something I did need. Problem, as I said, I only had limited money on me, and thought I was close to the limit of my funds, so with regret, I put the silver trousers back, and went to pay for my purchases. The queue to pay, well lets just say it was very long, and leave it at that.

I was right, I did only have limited funds, but that was still £10 more than I’d thought I had. So in the end, I could have got the trousers, and a couple of basic bras too, aargh! After lunch, and a lookaround, I did go back in to see if the queues had calmed down, but they were even worse. So no, I didnt bother.

I got back to Huddersfield, and tried Primark there, but as I suspected, the much smaller store didnt have the trousers, and I didnt even bother to check for bras lol. Yes, it was busy, but nothing like Manchester lol!

Oh well… and the next time I’ll be in Manchester in all likelihood in November, by which time I’ll have forgotten all about them, and doubt they will still be stocked anyway. C’est la vie, i guess?

Alright, the video. It has a Manchester connection, it sums up both the gender, and shopping ‘entertainment’ I had today.

I’ll try and post again Monday, certainly wont be before then. As would be said, you dont want to know my shift tomorrow lol!

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