Hair today, gone tomorrow

No, dont worry, not all of it, just some as its starting to go down my back, and I prefer to keep it at shoulder length or so, in all honesty. Also getting it highlighted again tomorrow, as there are more than a few dark patches showing through again now. It has been a couple of months, so what do I expect lol! Was reading some sci fi stuff the other day that talked about perma-blonding, now wouldnt that be handy? 😉

Its funny though, up to a few years ago (about 3?) I would never have dreamed of colouring my hair at all, but now…I joked to my masseuse/beauty therapist about going dark again, as in black, a la Brooksie helmet style, and got told not to! No, I have no olans to, as it has to be said, and not just because of that old line, its definitely fun being blonde! Still wish I had slightly more hair in front so I could have a blonde helmet bob like Brooksie though! Sadly the fringe is far from capable of that, not enough hair nowadays! Sides arent quite forward enough for the true look, but closer lol. Its just a shame the hairdresser cant just move some of the hair from the back, and put it at the front, and sides, but ah well…

Its funny how things have changed around though. I used to have short dark hair, and owned blonde wigs, which I wore at home. Nowadays I have long blonde(ish) hair, and fancy owning a dark, bob style wig, basically because its the only way I could get that tight, helmet style look. The difference is, for wearing a wig at hoime, relatively cheap ones off Ebay were fine, no one was going to see them except housemates. The ‘Brooksie look’ one would have to be a good one though, as I’m sure I’d want to wear it out sometimes. So alright, probably wont happen, as I’m not an expert on such matters, and wouldnt know where to start. Might need to go even shorter at the back mind, so the blonde didnt show, but I’m sure I could live with that!

But yes, thats about the end of the exciting news at present.

So, to the video. For once, utterly unrelated to the blog, and just showing total musical bias towards a favourite band. No, I have no desire to have anyone to ‘see me smile at the break of day’, though as my dear friend James has told me before, there probably is someone out there for me, and maybe one day, I’ll meet them. This track is from the much underrated Crush album, was never released as a single, though I have no idea why!

2 responses

  1. Just remember, day is always breaking somewhere, so someone can always see you smile at the break of day . . .


  2. Quite true, but none see it when I wake up lol!


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