And the next sporting ‘delight’ is…

Royal Ascot!

Being serious, I dont mind horse racing, and this is quality horse racing. So why the cynicism in the title, you might be asking. Well thats nothing to do with the racing, and all to do with the fuss made about other matters at the meeting.

Firstly, as I’ve commented before, I’m not a great royalist, so all the fuss made about the colour of the Queen’s hat, and who gets the thrill of riding down the racetrack with her before racing, just leaves me cold. Thankfully its the last year that the BBC presenters will be falling over themselves to say nice things about her as she does so, because its the last year they cover it. Sadly, I suspect the Channel 4 presenters will more than make up for it next year though.

But anyway, before I get whisked off to the Tower, and all that…Its not my main gripe of Royal Ascot, its the ridiculous outfits, and hats that all the women wear, just so they think they look good in the Royal Enclosure, or elsewhere at Ascot. To be fair, some of the dresses do look nice, though I dread to think about the price tags. But the hats, sorry, I cant think of many I’d want to be seen dead wearing, let alone on TV.

I do actually wonder what would happen if a pre-op transgendered person tried to get into the Royal Enclosure lol, even if dressed (en femme) totally the rules. Get in, unless very convincing, probably not!

And no, I’m not even getting started on the manners of the so called ‘high class’ people at the races, but lets just say that the percentage who will be drunk, and acting stupidly by the end of the day, will be considerable.

Ironically, my shift patterns this week mean that I will only be at work while racing is on, will only be 2 days. No, you dont want to see my shift patterns lol! And given that the football is still on as well…you get my drift? Only blessing will be Saturday, when a decent cricket team take on Australia in a one day match at Belfast, and thankfully Sky have the good taste to cover it. I think most at work know I want a seat where I can see a TV that day already lol, but more on that later in the week.

Please, dont ask for tips, as I proved with the football, I havent a clue anymore!

Yes, I did consider a certain Sex Pistols song for the video, but thought I would be good, though not sure why. So lets go with the other matter that will surely drive me crazy this week,

3 responses

  1. what no betting on who will have the tackiest hat?
    first thing thought of when read what this was about
    was My Fair Lady and Elliza yelling “move you’re blooming arse”


    1. Now, if a horses arse would actalually BLOOM, that would be something!!


  2. Well James, they do produce manure lol!
    To be honest, Eliza was more classy than may of the so called posh ladies will be this week!


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