Whats the rush?

Last night I finished work at 5.45, and got home smoothly and sweetly, in just under an hour. Train on time, bus on time, frightening stuff, yes, I know lol!

Tonight I finished at 4.30, hit the beginning of the rush hour in Leeds, certainly hit it in Huddersfield, and took me the best part of an hour and a half to get home! Train was late (shock horror, not!), and of course the bus made slow progress at this end, because of all the traffic.

Thats the thing with working shifts, you travel at all hours. I’ve left here as early as 6.20 am, got home as late as 11.20 pm, so I’ve pretty much seen everything. I’ve also (thankfully not often, other than in depths of winter at least) done shifts where I’ve left in the dark, and came home in the dark, which says it all sometimes.

But anyway…

Its funny, so much is said about the whole rush hour thing being diluted, with so many (like myself) working shifts nowadays, but it doesnt seem so. Fair enough, due to Trans Pennine Express insisting on only running 2, or 3 carriage trains most of the day, the trains would be crowded anyway. We do generally get ‘double length’ trains in the rush hours, but thats about it. Too many people, not enough space, thats for sure. Certainly was tonight, when 2 ‘sort of’ rush hour train capacities get crushed into 1, because of the delayed train. Thankfully I was lucky, got a seat, but so many didnt. Even if the train had been on time (Yes, I’ll stop laughing now!) it would have been busy, but with all the extra traffic as well…rolls eyes!

The irony is, tomorrow morning, on the 7.26 am (yes, early start on a Saturday, aargh!) I will probably end up with most of a carriage to myself. That train, Monday to Friday, total opposite!

Ironic, its called the rush hour, most of the time the term, crush hour would be more apt.

The video, well I’ve never commuted, or travelled like this, thats for sure! More relaxing, and more comfortable than Trans Pennine Express, thats definite!


2 responses

  1. so what would happen if the train and bus ran on time two days in a row…i understand the occasional fluke of them running on time once in a while


  2. if it ever happens, I’ll let you know lol!


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